Meet Karen Tazreiter

Karen Tazreiter is an Energy and Total Wellness Coach, a Reconnective Healing Practitioner and a family and relationships coach.  She is energetic, fun-loving and compassionate.  When asked what she does, her response was ‘YES, I am all those things AND MORE, best of all though, I am a mother of a blended family of 11 children – this is what makes my heart sing – this is why I am here.’

Karen works with women and families, helping them through some of the biggest challenges and breakthroughs they will have or will ever experience.

Women today face challenges that their mothers and grandmothers would never have even thought of.  As women, we get intrinsically caught up in the ROLES that we play, and soon lose who we really are.  As Karen said ‘ It took me awhile to acknowledge that I loved my own company and I was excited about discovering the Karen I was born to be.’ Many women believe they have to choose between a family and a career, that it is too difficult to do both successfully. Karen can show them that they can have either or both, and how to have exactly the life they want.  The key? According to Karen is ‘Take the time to re-discover YOU and what makes your heart sing…then GO AND DO IT!!’

As a coach and mentor, Karen helps people reconnect with themselves first, then with their partner, their children, and often with their parents.  Together with her husband Chris, Karen has made coaching and mentoring others through the challenges that life throws their way on a daily basis, her ongoing mission and focus. Many women, and particularly mothers, struggle with their self worth, and the purpose of their life. Karen’s role as a coach is to help them learn how to create a life full of passion, purpose, and fun.

This is where The Coaching Café has made and will continue to make a difference in people’s lives.  We need other people around us on a daily basis to draw our energy out, to mirror our lessons to us and to truly feel CONNECTED and grounded. As humans (and particularly women) we need to have that safe, social interaction where we know that we will always be greeted with a smile, a hug and a cup of tea, and know that yesterday was yesterday, you can’t change it; tomorrow will be whatever tomorrow brings; but today…today is NOW…take it all in, and be grateful for the experiences that it brings to your life.

Karen’s parting words of advice – ‘Learn what YOUR song is and SING it, loud and proud for all the world to hear.’


 Chris & Karen Tazreiter
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